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Clear Stickers - White Ink Printing


New for 2013 we can now digitally print a spot white directly behind coloured pixels only.
Your window stickers or bumper stickers can have a vivid design AND a clear background!

clear vinyl sticker with white ink

Above is a full colour clear vinyl sticker digitally printed with a 'spot white' directly behind the
image only. The white allows the image on the sticker to stand out when placed onto a darker
background. Without the white ink the image would be very translucent rather like a coloured
glass window.

clear window permit with spot white ink

The example above shows how the white lifts the darker text colour when printed onto a
clear vinyl. Without this the text would not stand out when the permit was placed inside
the window.

Bade Newby are always looking to test the depths and boundaries of screen printing technology
so as to move the business forward, not only helping ourselves to stand out from the crowd
but also to give our customers that little bit extra in terms of their vinyl sticker and screen printing
requirements. So we are now developing the company and looking to expand by offering our
customers that little extra something that our competition haven't yet looked into, by being one
of the only companies throughout the UK that now offer white ink printing on clear stickers. In
contrast to the general vinyl stickers and labels that we design and provide, clear stickers use a
clear vinyl that as standard comes with a transparent background. In order for your clear stickers
to be the focal point of attention for the industry, group or organization you are promoting, clear
stickers that are printed using white ink is undoubtedly the way forward. It is imperative that you
take a number of factors into consideration when looking into advertising and promoting with
clear stickers, first and foremost, any white parts of your sticker design will not be printed and
secondly you are also unable to print the gradients, so you can only use solid colours.

Now to try eradicate this problem Bade Newby have recently moved to take not only ourselves
and our customers forward, but also the screen printing industry, by offering a product that is
something completely different. We now offer any existing and potential clients with full colour
clear stickers that use a white ink printing technology; we can print the white ink directly onto the
vinyl to ensure that it stands out, whilst also printing a white ink layer underneath, to give it a solid
look on a clear background. So this gives people a completely different alternative for their vinyls
and decals, as they allow you to combine the very eye catching white printing, with a full range
of colours and also different gradients. The beauty of white ink printing on clear stickers and
clear vinyls is that they are simply perfect for sticking onto a dark background as they render you
with a completely opaque printed areas, opposed to our normal clear stickers that have semi-
transparent ink. Like all of the other vinyl decals, vinyl stickers and window stickers that we provide
our clear stickers with white ink printing can be manufactured to your specification, to any size and
shape that you require. Also all of our clear stickers with white ink printing are all made using only
the highest quality of vinyl, ensuring that they are completely tear, fade and scratch resistant, as well
as being highly durable and waterproof. They are designed and manufactured using full colour 1440dpi digital print for eco- friendly solvents inks, ensuring colorful and vivid prints. So to take advantage of
this new aspect of screen printing for your clear stickers feel free to contact one of our expert


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Head office: 7 Melton Road, Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire. LE12 8NS

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